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Tailored programmes designed for your individual business needs

Our point of difference is that we design and deliver bespoke workshops and training sessions to meet each client’s specific business training needs, through face to face delivery, webinars and e learning.

Training for Senior Leadership teams, Managers and HR teams is on a range of subjects from management development, diversity and inclusion and HR to recruitment and talent.

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Current training programmes

Creating a talent pipeline

As businesses grow and change in the economic climate it is crucial for the talent acquisition team to focus on building relationships with talented individuals for key roles within the organisation so that hiring needs can be met, both in the short and longer term.

This workshop focuses on:

  • Learning the practical steps the recruitment team can take to move from a reactive approach, focusing on filling current vacancies, to a proactive one.
  • How to build a future pipeline of talented candidates by reviewing what skills and experience the business will need as it grows.
  • Identifying talented individuals who are key to build relationships to grow the talent pool.

Stakeholder management

Managing stakeholders is an important part of your role, whether you work in HR or within a wider corporate role.

This course focuses on helping your team:

  • Identify who their key stakeholders are, and how to manage their individual needs.
  • Ensure that the team understand how to flex their own personal style and approach to engage different stakeholders.
  • Look at the different influencing and communication techniques to use within the work environment to build effective relationships.

Interviews and assessment

This course supports hiring managers with how to identify, assess and select the right individuals for their teams and business needs.

This course covers:

  • Importance of candidate experience during hiring process.
  • Legislation impacting on recruitment.
  • How to shortlist candidates and prepare for an interview.
  • Structuring an interview, how to use different questioning techniques, and personal interview practice using role play.

Effective Networking

Many people find business networking daunting, but it is a key part of the role of  hiring managers and the recruitment team as they represent the organisation and need to continually reach out to build relationships so that current and future hiring needs can be met.

This workshop focuses on:

  • Identifying what a successful network means in your role.
  • The range of tools and techniques to foster good business relationships.
  • Developing your personal impact as well as verbal and non verbal communication styles.

Direct sourcing and candidate engagement

The workshop supports in house talent acquisition teams with increasing the proportion of direct sourcing. It will broaden their market mapping skills to target and manage candidates globally.

This course covers:

  • Employer Brand: why would candidates join the business?
  • Direct sourcing: how to use online and offline tools to identify candidates for a role.
  • Marketing a job role: creating an “elevator pitch” for headhunting.

Inclusive recruitment

This workshop ensures your hiring managers and talent acquisition team understand how your Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy fits into recruitment and the importance of their role in supporting this.

This course covers:

  • How to identify where discrimination could occur and understand unconscious bias and its impact during the hiring process.
  • The importance of preparing for and structuring an interview, and the use of different questioning techniques to ensure a fair process.
  • How to structure an inclusive pre-boarding and onboarding programme to engage new employees with your organisation.

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